Peek test

The results of the Peek test for my Etsy shop are in!

I was afraid to open it at first, because I’ve heard of some people getting reviewers who were really mean. But luckily, I got a great reviewer who was friendly and helpful. And he seemed familiar with Etsy as well, since he recognized it immediately and knew where to go to find the about page, policies, etc.

The review was positive, which is good to hear. He really liked my banner. To be honest, I’ve been thinking about changing it, but obviously I’m now having second thoughts about that! The most useful part of this test was that it gave me a little lesson in shop housekeeping…he chose an older listing to look at, and it’s not as sophisticated in description or photos as the newer ones. I need to do a run through and update some of the older listings so that they’re up to snuff!

If you’re interested in getting a Peek test, you can do it here: . It can be done for any website, not just Etsy. It works by showing your site to a random “civilian”, who checks it out and gives it a user-friendliness review. From what I’ve heard it’s a bit of a gamble; sometimes you get good info and suggestions, and sometimes you get a review that’s less useful. But it’s free! 🙂


2 responses to “Peek test

  1. That’s so great that you had a positive experience with it. After hearing about a lot of less than insightful peek reviews on the etsy forums I wondered how a service could go on like that. I guess it really is the luck of the draw. I might consider getting my own review in the future.

    • It’s worth a try! I was expecting the worst, but I guess I lucked out. I think it’s good to go into it knowing that it could potentially be bad…I feel sorry for people who were surprised by unhelpful reviews. 😦

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