Handmade Round Up! May 5-11, 2014

I’m going to do a recurring feature (hopefully each Sunday), where I highlight some of the awesome handmade and vintage items and shops that I’ve found each week. Most of these will come from Etsy, as that’s the handmade venue that I’m most familiar with, but these can potentially come from anywhere. There’s so much amazing talent out there, and I can’t wait to share it! 🙂 Here are some recent finds that wowed me:



Amberstudios is a cool shop that specializes in upcycled clothing and accessories. Everything is bright, colorful and highly detailed, and has a lovely nature theme. The natural colors and foliage textures make the clothing look like something an elf queen would wear! ❤ Many of her listings appear to be custom orders (so please don’t purchase unless your name is in the title!), but she has some ready to ship items as well. In addition to the gorgeous items, I also admire the creator’s commitment to sustainability and using upcycled materials.


This artist, David Wyatt, has some beautiful fantasy artwork. I love the incredible detail in the paintings; I don’t think I’ve ever seen such meticulously rendered mossy stones! I also like the wonderful European fantasy feel in the artwork. This looks like an ancient and beautiful world I would love to explore and be a part of. I would do anything to live in the goat man’s little stone house by the water!


There’s one word that best describes InkPug: CUTE! :3 All of the artwork features pug dogs doing what they do best: being silly and adorable! The owners also have great personalities, and it shines through in their listings (who are Big Ed and Norma? Click a listing to find out!). I can’t help but smile when looking at this cute-as-heck art.


Petrune is a seriously cool vintage clothing shop! They have clothes from just about every decade of the last century (conveniently arranged in chronological order in the sections), but the real treat is the REALLY old things! There’s a nice selection of Victorian and Edwardian pieces, many of which are near or even over 100 years old. Great finds! Who wouldn’t want to relive the “Gay 90s” in this poofy purple blouse?

And my favorite item of the week, by far:


My jaw dropped when I first saw this: a life-size needle felted Nubian goat kid by cvandellen! This is one of the most incredible needle-felted creations I’ve ever seen. Such amazing attention to detail…look how real the little guy looks! Incredible work. I love love love it!!

That’s it for this week! I hope to do this feature each week (life permitting, of course).


3 responses to “Handmade Round Up! May 5-11, 2014

  1. Great post! Thank you for choosing in Art museum featured coat!

    Happy to be included!!!

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