Handmade Roundup: May 26 – Jun 1 2014

Time for this week’s Handmade Roundup!


I love this hand-cast geode soap by Soapsmith. It really captures the look of natural stone and jewels, in sparkling green, blue-green and orange. This soap looks like it was chiseled off the wall of a magical, hidden cave!


This is a beautiful piece of art by TangentsbySHS. This artwork features a bright abstract sun in red, orange and yellow, hand-painted onto a slice of salvaged wood. I love the contrast of abstract modern style art with the rustic nature of a tree slice. This piece would look lovely brightening up a rustic or country styled home.


Take a look at this stunning hand-painted cloak by IslesofDay. This unique piece is painted to look like the wings of an owl or eagle. I can imagine how fun it would be to wear this cloak as part of a fantasy costume; it would be perfect to imagine yourself as an elf or druid, or a shape-shifting sorceress. And the best part is that the proceeds go to help rescued kitties. šŸ™‚


SylviaOrtizDeLaTorre did an amazing job with this polymer clay heart brooch. It’s made in beautiful patchwork pinks, and is textured to look like cloth. The clay “stitches” make it look like a lovely hand-sewn fabric brooch, but it’s actually made of durable and beautiful polymer clay. I love it!

That’s it for this week. See you next time! šŸ™‚

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2 responses to “Handmade Roundup: May 26 – Jun 1 2014

  1. lovely post! thanks for featuring my log slice painting šŸ™‚

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