Handmade Roundup: June 2-8, 2014

Time for this week’s Handmade Roundup!


These strawberry slippers from Irinaonix are so adorable it hurts! They’re hand felted out of natural wool, with leather soles for durability. They’re made to look like ripe red strawberries, with green leaves at the ankle, and a little blossom as trim. Any child would look like a cutie in these lovely (and comfortable looking!) felted shoes.


You could feel like an enchantress with this dragon mask from RobinRed. It features a red dragon with purple wings, guarding its hoard of gold and treasure. I love the incredible detail here; you can see each scale, and every individual coin! And I love the touch of the dragon’s tail ending with a curl that rests on one cheek. Incredible work!


This fairy sewing table by PandoraJane is another highly detailed piece. I love miniatures, and these are some of the cutest I’ve seen! They are made out of natural materials like bits of bark, twigs, and acorns. This piece features a sewing table and bench, complete with a little sewing machine. It really looks like it was crafted by tiny fairy hands, using the natural materials that they could find in their forest home. My guess is that they use spider silk as thread! πŸ™‚


I love this art by KateFensom. This print of an original painting shows a brilliant white stag, glowing in the blues and purples of the nighttime forest. All of her paintings have a lovely fantasy feel and dreamy storybook style. Such beautiful artwork!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s selections! See you next time! πŸ™‚

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