Handmade Roundup: June 9-22, 2014

Time for this week’s (ok, actually TWO weeks) Handmade Roundup!



I love handmade animal figures, and Colinscreatures has some great ones! There are lots of different varieties of sheep available, as well as the occasional cow, alpaca, and dog. I like the way the fiber bodies are combined with porcelain heads and legs to make a multi-textured figure. And it looks like a lot of effort was made to research each breed and make the animals accurate. Very cool!


Here’s a crown fit for a woodland fairy princess! This cute headpiece by PrettyToppings has two rows of felt pine trees, one in green and one in white. A border of sequins and pearls rings the base of the crown and gives it some sparkle. This tiny crown is meant as a baby photo prop, but a bigger one would be perfect for a little girl’s dress up box!


If you want to stand out at a fancy event, this dress by MoLeKuLa is the one for you! The front is a bright, colorful art deco-ish geometric pattern in blues, greens, and pinks. The back is black, with a lovely sheer fabric at the top. Beautiful! I love the daring and playful look of this fun dress.


Here’s a unique piece of kitchen art from Bettinastreehouse. This mixed media artwork is made of burlap stretched in an embroidery hoop, painted in vibrant colors, and sewn with cotton floss. I love the bright, cheery green of the lime, but there’s also an orange, lemon, and grapefruit to choose from. This colorful art would brighten up any kitchen!

Last week’s Handmade Roundup: June 2-8, 2014

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