Handmade Roundup: June 23-28, 2014

Time for this week’s Handmade Roundup!



This textile lion from NamelessWonders looks so huggable! This cute art doll is made of a variety of fabrics and faux fur, and sewn to look deliberately shabby and folkish. I love the earthy colors, and the variety of textures. I can see him being king of the toys when the people aren’t around!

I love the bright, summery colors on this dreamcatcher by GabyBrooksDesigns. It features a pink yarn covered hoop, a bright yellow flower doily in the center, and a cascade of beaded tie-dyed streamers at the bottom. It’s hard to imagine anything but cheery dreams when this lovely creation is in the room.


This quilt from NHQuiltArts would make anyone feel like a jungle queen. This lovely quilt is made of patches of animal print and tribal designs, giving it a very African feel. The earthy colors make it look like it came right off the sunny, dusty savannah. Beautiful!


I love this cute ornament by JessQuinnSmallArt. Look at that sweet smiling face! This decoration has dozens of colorful felt shapes (they could be scales, or maybe feathers?) surrounding the face of a cute little creature. This would be adorable hanging in a child’s room, or several of them filling a basket.


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3 responses to “Handmade Roundup: June 23-28, 2014

  1. Such lovely items! I am especially in love with that little ornament.
    Such a happy looking creature 😀

  2. Lovely finds! I really like the felt ornament – it makes me smile 🙂

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