Handmade Roundup: June 29 – July 6, 2014

Roundup time!


What a great photograph from WildHoofbeats! This shop is filled to the brim with incredible photos of wild horses, and it was super hard to pick a favorite! But I had to go with this lovely shot of an equine family in Colorado. I love the way these horses were captured in a “gradient” – foal, mom, and dad are positioned both small to large, and in color order from the light foal to the bay father. What a great shot of this beautiful wild family!


These handmade paper beads from WrappedPerfect are so fun and summery! They’re painted to look like fresh watermelon, complete with a green rind and tiny black seed dots. I love the bright colors and the beautiful shine on these beads. There are other fun paper bead designs too, so check out this cute shop.



These wooden shelves by DesignerShelving are very cool! They’re made of white pine that has been stained to highlight the natural grain of the wood, and edged with organic shapes instead of the usual right angles and straight lines. And instead of each shelf being attached to the wall, these slats are hanging with the help of a metal cable. The result is a cool woodsy minimalist look. These would look great in a farmhouse, a rustic log cabin, or a beach themed home.



StarlessClay is another shop where I have a hard time picking a favorite! Her items are made of colorful polymer clay, rolled into strands and arranged in flowing swirls and curls. I love the bright colors of this rainbow heart in particular. Great shop!

That’s it for today. See you next week!


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