Update: Debt-free dreams…LOANS ARE DONE

I have very important news on my plan to get debt-free…MY STUDENT LOANS ARE PAID OFF! 😀


I just made the last payment. The student loans are done! That Sallie Mae monkey is now off my back forever!

Man, this feels reeeeaaaalllly good. 🙂 I’ve been going hardcore and piling every extra cent onto them, WAY over the minimum payment, for what seems like forever. So it’s a huge victory to see that beautiful $0.00 on the screen.

But my mission isn’t complete yet. I still have $3000 to go on my car loan, so that’s next on the chopping block. With the money freed up from removing the loan payment, I should be able to hammer it pretty hard. I WILL do this! (And you can too!!!)


2 responses to “Update: Debt-free dreams…LOANS ARE DONE

  1. Lucky you…my family just took out a loan for our new house…30 long years lol

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