Handmade Roundup; Aug 11 – Aug 24 2014


I love this cute wall hanging basket from GobiFelt. It’s made of felted wool and wool yarn in bright beautiful reds, yellows, and blues. It could be used to hold a houseplant, or to store knick knacks. I love all the incredible handmade detail in this beautiful piece!


I don’t think you could ever get cold in this sheepskin vest from BoxofHollyHocks! This is a lovely vintage piece, made of patchwork fleece. The back has a fun “crazy quilt” look, and its even reversible. I love the old, arctic look of this cool vest!


LittleThingsInterest makes me wish I had a dollhouse to decorate! The shop is filled to bursting with tiny miniature books, perfect for dollhouses or other tiny scale dioramas. There are books for every taste, including children’s books, classic novels, cookbooks, and even modern titles like Game of Thrones. There are also some other miniature items, like tiny figures and scaled down wallpaper. What a cute shop!


SculptureGeek has lots of cool 3D sculptures, but my favorite is this praying mantis. This cool insect art would look great in a room with lots of tall housplants, or on a screened in porch. And it’s available in green, red, or brown, to fit any decor. I love it!


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Thrift shop find: blocks and bacon

I made a cool find at the thrift shop today: a bucket of old wooden toy blocks! There are several different types, including ones with old-timey Disney characters on them. I’ll have to do a little research, but judging by the graphics, I believe most of these blocks to be 1950s-60s era. Aren’t they neat?


I also found these, though I didn’t buy them…they’re bacon flavored envelopes. Glue + artificial meat flavor = yum! The label says they’re from the makers of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, and BaconPOP. These are some (gross artificial) bacon-loving people!


You never know just what you’ll find in a thrift shop!


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Handmade Roundup: July 20 – Aug 10, 2014

Hello again! It’s been a few weeks since the last Handmade Roundup (I was busy looking into the details of refinancing my home), but now we’re back on track. 🙂 Lots of fun, colorful finds in this installment!

Get ready to say “Awwwwww” with this panda soft sculpture from IrraNellie! This cutie is needle-felted from soft wool, and features an adorable little panda in a green hat. He looks so sweet and cuddly, and I love how the bright green hat gives a pop of color against the black and white body. The whole shop is filled with charming little animal sculptures, so check them out!


How cute are these?! Boncukkutusu is offering these adorable beads, shaped like twisted pasta. These vintage beads from the 1980s are incredibly cute, and would be perfect for children’s jewelry or crafts. I love them, they’re so fun!


I can imagine a beautiful rustic wedding that includes this pen holder set from JKartshop. This set is made of wood and moss, and is burned with “please log in” and the initials of the happy couple. Twig pens, also woodburned with initial hearts, finish the set. I love the earthy, woodsy look of this great wedding accessory, and I think it would be perfect for an outdoor wedding!


Check out ColorShiftYarn for a huge selection of beautiful dyed yarns. The wool yarn is dyed in a rainbow of colors, in amazing gradients. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I had to go with this lovely purple-to-green collection. Beautiful!


And speaking of colorful yarn, CrochetKaleidoscope knows how to use it! Her whole shop is filled with bright and colorful hand crocheted afghans, in a variety of bold patterns. I  especially love this white one with the multicolor squares. Great retro look!


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