Fairy Tails

Here are a pair of fun new additions to my vintage shop. I found these two cute birds in a toybox at a yard sale last week, and I snatched them up. Both were in good condition, except for the hair, which was a tangled mess (I wish I had taken a before picture!). But I gently untangled them and returned the locks to their original silky beauty. 🙂 The pink one is named “True Love Tails” and the blue one is “Tippy Tails”.



They are called “Fairy Tails”, and were part of Hasbro’s My Little Pony toyline in the 1980s. They have the same soft plastic bodies and long, brushable hair. In this case, REALLY long! Those are some impressive tail feathers there, girls! They also have spring-loaded feet that can grasp an object and let them perch.


Want more info? My Little Wiki has a page of information about this little toyline, and FairyTailsCollector is a whole site dedicated to them. And check out this 80s TV commercial.

I love finding 1980s toys! 🙂


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One response to “Fairy Tails

  1. NO WAY! I got one of these as a Christmas present when I was little… What a super find!

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