Handmade Roundup #12

I love this whimsical necklace by ZingaraCreativa. It features a chibi Snow White hand sculpted out of polymer clay, surrounded by flowers and mounted on a pendant base. I love the detail in this piece, especially the locks of her hair and the folds of her skirt. Lovely!

There are lots of handmade leaf brooches to choose from on Etsy, but none quite as unique as this one from WoolBoon! This cute little guy has shiny black eyes, rosy cheeks, and a big toothy grin! Watch your fingers, or he might give them a nibble. šŸ™‚

Now this is a cool find! SusanJohnsonDesigns is offering this antique jewelry/sewing box, complete with contents. The outside of the box is covered in seashells, and the inside contains some old sewing notions, including unopened packages of seed beads. It looks like it’s in great shape to be over a century old!

I love love love this mosaic from BerryIsland! It’s made of vintage plastic beads in all shades of pink, accented with pink flowers, and framed in an upcycled thrifted frame. This bright, cheery work of art would be perfect for a nursery or little girl’s room!


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One response to “Handmade Roundup #12

  1. Wow, how many beautiful things you brought us here! šŸ™‚

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