Thrifting Haul 5/23/15

What a great morning for thrifting! The weather was warm, skies were sunny, and yard sales were plentiful. 🙂 We (my mother and I) hit about 10 yard sales, then swung by Goodwill as a chaser.

Here are the highlights of my haul:


I love vintage needlework, and today I found a bunch of them!


These are my faves; two yellow and orange flowers in deep round frames.


This soft blue yarn was a steal at 25 cents a skein! My mother plans to use this to crochet a baby blanket.


This vintage clown toy was at Goodwill. He is dated 1972. Needs some cleanup, but he has a great old timey look.


I got a whole bag of these, though I’m not sure what they are. Pill boxes, maybe? I love the 1970s colors.


I had to grab this cute old turtle. I think it’s a pincushion, though it feels odd…the puffy part feels like it’s filled with sand instead of stuffing. Google tells me that this is emery sand, which helps to sharpen the pins. Learn something new every day!


And last but not least, here’s Mr Crab. He’s made of metal, painted bright red, and has hinged arms. I don’t know what exactly this thing is supposed to do, but it’s cool! I’m keeping him. 🙂


Overall this was a good morning! Most of these will be cleaned up, photographed, and put up in my vintage shop.

Anybody else love thrifting as much as I do? What have you found recently?


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5 responses to “Thrifting Haul 5/23/15

  1. love the scary clown rolley-toy; and could Mr Crab not be a nut-cracker?

  2. I have one of those clown toys that I picked up years ago at a garage sale for my now 10 year old son. He loved it and it has a fantastic musical jingle. 🙂 Nice find.

  3. I love thrifting as well! I think I should include a thrifting haul everytime there is a second hand flea market 😉

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