I quit my day job!


I quit my job on Friday.

I had given two weeks notice, of course! But this month I finally made the hefty decision to quit my day job and become entirely self employed. After almost 10 years as a cubicle jockey for Wells Fargo, I’m cutting the ties and striking out on my own. My income now will depend entirely on my Etsy shops, Ebay, craft shows, and anywhere else I can think to make a dollar.

This is a decision I’ve been wrestling with for over a year now. I’ve asked for input from every friend and family member I have, and gotten lots of different responses. But in the end it’s my decision, and I’m confident that I can make this work.

I made sure to be prepared; I paid off all of my debts, including student loans, car loan, and credit cards, so I have no debt except for my mortgage. I have a decent sized savings account emergency fund, with enough money to cover the bills for at least a year. I’ve tried to cover all the bases and give myself the best chance at success. Now I can focus on growing my business without worrying about survival.

So this is the beginning of my new adventure! Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but I’m giving myself the chance. I’m nervous, but definitely excited! šŸ™‚


My shops; Handmade: PeachPod | Vintage: PeachNifty


20 responses to “I quit my day job!

  1. How exciting! Best of luck with it. My husband and I did the same thing and, a few years down the line, we’ve never looked back.

    It’s sounds as though you’re really organised and I think that’s the key to success. Really wishing you well!

  2. What a brave decision! Best of luck for your future! gail

  3. Congratutions! My wife and I are rooting for you.

  4. You go Girl! Reach for the Stars and beyond. The best handcrafted marketplace is soon to launch – I would love you to be a part of it! 4 months free!!!! Let me know. info@handcrafted.guru and we can talk more.

  5. Wishing you lots of luck in your exciting new adventure šŸ™‚

  6. Congratulations! That’s so exciting, I’m hoping one day to do the same šŸ™‚

  7. exciting times ahead,good luck šŸ™‚

  8. Reblogged this on Pottery by Paul & Alex and commented:
    Well, fellow blogger and Etsy seller, PeachPod, has quit her day job. PeachPod, real name is Karen, has quit her job at the bank to pursue what she’s most passionate about, handmade unique jewelry, hair clips, and ornaments.

    For most of us, we have something that we’re truly passionate about and we spend our night’s and weekend’s perfecting our skills to deliver the finest product to our clients. Karen has reached that point, please take a moment to say, “Hi”, to Karen and let her know what you liked about her PeachPod site.

    Karen also has another site on Etsy called Peachnifty, where she sells vintage items.

    Please pass this onto your friends and ask them if they’d do the same.

  9. Congratulations! What an exciting time for you. I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, and enjoy every minute!

  10. Many blessings to you on your new journey! ~Julie

  11. Fantastic, I saw your post on an Etsy Team blog group and I nice to see your blog here and will follow!!!!! Many smiles!!!!

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