Thrifting Haul 6/6/2015

Another morning of yard sales has come and gone! Today I found some cool stuff, including a couple of things for my upcoming craft show.



The biggest item is the spice rack. It has a round base that lets it spin, with four columns of holes for spice bottles to go in. I’m going to clean it up and convert it into a rack for my handmade brooches and keychains. 🙂


I love these vintage yellow smiley cups. They are made of that sturdy, heavy duty kind of plastic that you don’t find any more. These would be great for drinking your morning juice, since they give an uplifting pep talk to start the day!


A cool silver plated cup. It’s in bad need of polishing, but it should look great once it’s cleaned up. It has an awesome medieval look; I can just imagine a grizzled dwarven warrior guzzling mead from it at The Prancing Pony! 😀


A new wallet for me. I love this bright red leather heart wallet, and they only wanted a quarter for it. Win!


A set of transportation themed vintage peg puzzle pieces. I love making magnets out of these cool old pieces (like these animal ones). It’s fun to upcycle and give orphaned puzzles new life, and the vintage artwork makes them stand out from modern mass produced magnets.


A pair of unusual abstract vintage salt and pepper shakers. They’re black and square-ish and kind of odd, but for the right person they’ll be a great addition to the table (or maybe a salt and pepper set collection).


And another find for my craft show! This cute little fence tray obviously came from some sort of toy set, but I’m going to use it as a business card holder. I think it’ll be the cutest!

-Previous Thrifting Haul: 5/23/15


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6 responses to “Thrifting Haul 6/6/2015

  1. I love thrifting you never know what you will find from one day to the next 🙂

  2. Oooh! I love the idea of keeping your business cards in that little fenced area. That is SO cute! I would definitely take a business card displayed in that! haha! Also, I love the thought of making magnets out of those old peg puzzle pieces! I’m sure I’ve got a whole bunch hiding somewhere that I brought for my son when he was little! I may have to find them out and do a little upcycling! Lovely post! 🙂

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