Craft Show – Vinton Farmers Market 6/13/15

I had a table at the spring craft show at the farmers market in Vinton Va this past Saturday. Here are some pics. Keep in mind that I’m still perfecting my displays and table setup. 🙂


This was the handmade half of the table. The keychain spinner rack is just off to the left…somehow I missed getting it into the pic!


A closeup on some of the handmade items. The blankets and dishcloths were made by my mother. I had a clearance basket filled with items that I’ve discontinued or have changed the design of. Ignore the tape gun; it wasn’t there after setup!


My barrette and hair clip display. It was breezy that day, so some of them were twisting side to side on the ribbons! :O



This is the vintage half of the table. I love finding old needlepoint and cross stitch pictures at estate and yard sales, then cleaning them up and framing them nicely. The bigger ones were on top of the table, while the smaller ones were displayed on a metal rack in front of the table.


I had my Square reader ready to go! 🙂

Now here’s the plot twist…after all that work, I did terribly. I sold literally nothing. NOTHING! My mother made $3 on some dish cloths, but I made $0. *sad trombone noise* It wasn’t just me, though…traffic was super slow, and some of the crafters packed up and left way early.

Oh well. This was a tiny show at a small farmers market so I’m trying not to get discouraged. I’ll keep an eye out for bigger, better shows were I might have more success!


My shops; Handmade: PeachPod | Vintage: PeachNifty


11 responses to “Craft Show – Vinton Farmers Market 6/13/15

  1. I love the way you have displayed the hair clips it all looks good 🙂 Tabitha

  2. Aww, I’m sorry. I’ve had shows like that and it’s so discouraging. But your displays look great! I’m sure the next show will be better.

  3. Mum & I tried a local show once, & didn’t even cover the price of the stall, so we know how you feel. Better luck next time.

  4. My wife and I did a show, 14 hours start to finish. We sold enough to cover our booth and paid ourselves $5/hour. We decided to go show hunting for the next year and see what shows have good traffic and what shows don’t. Next year we’ll hit the trail blazing! Till then, I get to go shopping with my wife.

  5. I love the clips on the ribbon display – great idea! But so sorry it wasn’t a successful day for you. At least you got out there and tried. Craft shows are very hit and miss and a few I’ve been to have been super quiet – please don’t let it discourage you.

  6. Laura

    I love to shop the craft fairs, in my area the crafters seem to do well at the shows later in the year when everyone is shopping for Christmas. Good luck 🙂

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