Summer berry harvest!

I went for a walk by the roadside this morning, and what did I find? Some tasty free food! 🙂


The road I walk on goes right by a stretch of suburban woods, and there are tons of berry bushes. Most berry bushes are edge species, which means they love semi-shaded spots on the borders of forests and streams. When the fruit starts ripening, they can be easily spotted from a few yards away. You just have to look out for the poison ivy, which is EVERYWHERE around here. There’s also a mulberry tree on the corner, which luckily has some branches low enough to pick the fruit from.


Here’s the morning’s haul! This pile is about 2/3 mulberries (the long ones) and 1/3 raspberries. I think it’s interesting that the plants are completely different species, yet the fruit ends up being exactly the same color! Nature is cool. berries_separate

Annnnnd the aftermath…lol! Om nom nom


I’ll wait another day to ripen another batch, then go pickin’ again! 🙂


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One response to “Summer berry harvest!

  1. Laura

    Wow, you have berries already, yummy!

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