Flock of Butterflies

What’s better than one pretty butterfly? A whole flock of them!


I always grab vintage butterfly wall hangings when I see them at thrift stores or yard sales. Usually it’s just one or maybe two, so I save them up until I have a nice set of matching pieces. Today I decided to organize my collection and see if I have any matches to put up for sale. And in fact, I do!

I love these three gold ones. They’re from Syroco, and have great wing patterns and lots of golden shine!


A set of brown wicker bugs. These are plastic, but are molded to look like wood and wicker. Lots of great swirls and curls in the design.


And then there are these cool green ones from Homco. There were only two of these, and I doubt I’ll find a third, so I went ahead and listed them as a pair. The design is the same as the wicker ones above, but these have a nice deep emerald green color.


I still have a few designs that are waiting for a match, so I’ll hang on to them and keep looking!

Oh yeah, here’s Ripley napping on the bed while I list the completed sets:


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New kitty in the family!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. That’s because my 16 year old cat Midori had been rapidly declining in health over the last couple months, and we finally had to put her down a couple of weeks ago. Obviously I was heartbroken, and I’ll miss her a lot.

On the bright side, I now have a brand new kitty baby! Her name is Ripley, and she’s a 10 wk old tortoiseshell kitten. I picked her out from about a dozen kittens at the SPCA and brought her home last Wednesday. Of course I’ve been snapping photos like crazy. πŸ™‚


You can see her beautiful tortie coloration really well here:


She’s a brave little soul. She’s not even afraid of the dog!


Her face is so kissable…but you have to steal the kisses quick! She doesn’t stay still for long.


And in tribute, here’s a pic of my old lady Midori. I’ll love you forever, sweet baby. ❀



Vintage Before and After: Beaded Fruit

I found some cool vintage fruit at the thrift store this morning! A banana, peach, orange, and lemon, made from a styrofoam form decorated with hundreds of faceted beads. The only problem was that they were filthy…they were covered in what I call “kitchen grunge”; a thin coat of yellowish grease covered in a layer of dust. I knew the beads were supposed to sparkle, but they were completely dull.


So off to the bathroom sink they went! I grabbed some detergent and my trusty toothbrush and started gently scrubbing.


Here is the water after cleaning all four fruits… Ew.


And here’s the fruit all cleaned up and sparking again!



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Fox redesign

I redesigned my fox pins! I’ve always liked my felt fox brooches, but I thought they looked a bit too catlike. With this redesign, I think they look a lot more foxy. πŸ™‚ Foxes are so popular that it can be challenging to come up with a unique design, but I’m pleased with what I’ve made here.


What do you think? Here are some more pics.



For reference, here is what the original foxes look like. Cute, but basically just a cat…?



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Summer berry harvest!

I went for a walk by the roadside this morning, and what did I find? Some tasty free food! πŸ™‚


The road I walk on goes right by a stretch of suburban woods, and there are tons of berry bushes. Most berry bushes are edge species, which means they love semi-shaded spots on the borders of forests and streams. When the fruit starts ripening, they can be easily spotted from a few yards away. You just have to look out for the poison ivy, which is EVERYWHERE around here. There’s also a mulberry tree on the corner, which luckily has some branches low enough to pick the fruit from.


Here’s the morning’s haul! This pile is about 2/3 mulberries (the long ones) and 1/3 raspberries. I think it’s interesting that the plants are completely different species, yet the fruit ends up being exactly the same color! Nature is cool. berries_separate

Annnnnd the aftermath…lol! Om nom nom


I’ll wait another day to ripen another batch, then go pickin’ again! πŸ™‚


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Craft Show – Vinton Farmers Market 6/13/15

I had a table at the spring craft show at the farmers market in Vinton Va this past Saturday. Here are some pics. Keep in mind that I’m still perfecting my displays and table setup. πŸ™‚


This was the handmade half of the table. The keychain spinner rack is just off to the left…somehow I missed getting it into the pic!


A closeup on some of the handmade items. The blankets and dishcloths were made by my mother. I had a clearance basket filled with items that I’ve discontinued or have changed the design of. Ignore the tape gun; it wasn’t there after setup!


My barrette and hair clip display. It was breezy that day, so some of them were twisting side to side on the ribbons! :O



This is the vintage half of the table. I love finding old needlepoint and cross stitch pictures at estate and yard sales, then cleaning them up and framing them nicely. The bigger ones were on top of the table, while the smaller ones were displayed on a metal rack in front of the table.


I had my Square reader ready to go! πŸ™‚

Now here’s the plot twist…after all that work, I did terribly. I sold literally nothing. NOTHING! My mother made $3 on some dish cloths, but I made $0. *sad trombone noise* It wasn’t just me, though…traffic was super slow, and some of the crafters packed up and left way early.

Oh well. This was a tiny show at a small farmers market so I’m trying not to get discouraged. I’ll keep an eye out for bigger, better shows were I might have more success!


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Business cards

My new business card display is ready!


The stand is a toy part that I found on a recent thrifting trip, that just happens to be the perfect size and shape for business cards!

And here are the cards themselves. I printed them on pastel cardstock to make a pretty rainbow of colors. Hopefully the cute stand and fun colors will entice people to take a card to remember me by! πŸ™‚



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Rainbow of Teddy Bears

Speaking of keychains, here is a rainbow of cute bears that I finished this morning. These guys are headed off to a customer in the UK!



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Keychain spinner rack

Remember the old spice spinner rack I found at Goodwill last week? It’s now all fixed up!


First IΒ sanded and restained the top, which had lost a huge patch of its original finish. Then I covered the sides with some thin plywood, nailing it over the bars that had holes intended for spice bottles. Some screw-in hooks on all four sides, andΒ  this is an all new and refreshed display rack for my keychains!

I’ll be using it at the craft show this Saturday. I’ve been looking for some nice eye-catching vertical displays, instead of just having everything laid out flat on the table like I have been doing. Hopefully this will inspire shoppers to give it a spin!


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Bonanza of Belts!


I love finding forgotten vintage treasures and sending them off to their new homes! One of my favorite things are vintage belts, especially the 80s era stretch belts. The buckles are big and fancy, with an almost infinite variety of shapes and styles, and they’re always vibrantly colorful! And the elastic makes them able to fit a wide variety of sizes, so they have a lot of versatility too.

Here are a few of my favorites:








I can’t wait to see what cool belts I’ll find next! πŸ™‚


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