Handmade Roundup 12-5-15

Welcome back to Handmade Roundup! I’ve been super busy sewing Christmas ornaments for my shop, but I allowed myself a little break to browse Etsy and find some beautiful new items to share! 🙂



The ocean comes to life in these gorgeous ornaments by ShopNDS. Each ornament is a wood slice, and features a handpainted scene of a sea turtle surrounded by coral and sea plants.  They have awesome detail in the art, and I find them so calming to look at! Love them. ❤


MyHappyHobby is filled with tons of adorable lampwork beads, so it’s hard to pick a favorite! These colorful parrots are too cute. They come in green, blue, and yellow, and all three coordinate well together too.


I love love LOVE this vintage Moschino handbag from OceanAndMoreJewels. Great colors, great style, and lovely patent leather shine! Beautiful.


This print from BrookeLeAnneArt is an attention grabber! I love the striking contrast of the black and white zebra with the colorful flowery background. She has lots of other colorful mixed media prints too. Check them out!

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Fox redesign

I redesigned my fox pins! I’ve always liked my felt fox brooches, but I thought they looked a bit too catlike. With this redesign, I think they look a lot more foxy. 🙂 Foxes are so popular that it can be challenging to come up with a unique design, but I’m pleased with what I’ve made here.


What do you think? Here are some more pics.



For reference, here is what the original foxes look like. Cute, but basically just a cat…?



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Rainbow of Teddy Bears

Speaking of keychains, here is a rainbow of cute bears that I finished this morning. These guys are headed off to a customer in the UK!



My shops; Handmade: PeachPod | Vintage: PeachNifty

New creation: upcycled ceramic duck

Remember the “saturday project” I posted about, that involved spray paint? Well, here’s what I was doing. 😀


I’ve been getting cute ceramic figurines and pottery at local thrift stores, with the plan to upcycle them. This little duck was dingy and sad, dirty with peeling paint, sitting there unloved on the shelf. I took him home, scrubbed him clean, gave him multiple coats of fresh white paint, and then decorated him by hand in my own style!

Instead the original boring, dingy yellow beak and feet, he gets bright cheery pink. The bow, which was once a dull blue and chipping away, is now a brilliant dark pink. I’ve always loved the look of beach stones painted with hundreds of dots, and I also love ombre, so I adapted both of those to my own style. Lots of dark red spots on the back and wings, fading to lighter pink near the head and belly. Once that was done (it took a good while to make all of those dots!), I coated the figure with clear glaze for protection.

I’m VERY happy with the result! A boring, dingy ole figurine is now a fresh new home decor item. And this little guy was my guinea pig…since he turned out wonderfully, I plan to make a bunch of repurposed ceramics, in all kinds of fun colors. I have another, larger duck, a bunny, several small vases, and a few lidded pots that will get the ombre dot treatment. All of them will go in my Etsy shop. My only regret is not taking “before” and “after” photos, so you could see how drastic the change was.

I can’t wait to start dotting everything! 🙂