Halloween handmade ornaments!

It’s September, the weather is starting to cool, and the leaves will be falling soon. And that means the approach of one of the most fun holidays: Halloween! I’ve been designing and sewing spooky ornaments, perfect for Halloween decorating or parties! 🙂

First up are these skulls. Spooky, but still cute!


Then two sets of black cats, one with orange and one with zombie green.



And these aren’t specifically Halloween related, but I also have a set of colorful autumn leaves.


What are your Halloween decorating plans?


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Rainbow of Teddy Bears

Speaking of keychains, here is a rainbow of cute bears that I finished this morning. These guys are headed off to a customer in the UK!



My shops; Handmade: PeachPod | Vintage: PeachNifty

Keychain spinner rack

Remember the old spice spinner rack I found at Goodwill last week? It’s now all fixed up!


First I sanded and restained the top, which had lost a huge patch of its original finish. Then I covered the sides with some thin plywood, nailing it over the bars that had holes intended for spice bottles. Some screw-in hooks on all four sides, and  this is an all new and refreshed display rack for my keychains!

I’ll be using it at the craft show this Saturday. I’ve been looking for some nice eye-catching vertical displays, instead of just having everything laid out flat on the table like I have been doing. Hopefully this will inspire shoppers to give it a spin!


My shops; Handmade: PeachPod | Vintage: PeachNifty

Felt scraps


Well, I’ve finally done it…I’ve filled up an entire sandwich bag with felt scraps. These little scraps are what’s left over when I cut out the shapes for my felt jewelry and ornaments. There are a few sorta big pieces, but most of them are teensy irregular snips and bits.

I would like to use them somehow, so I’m busy brainstorming project ideas. What could be made with a bunch of tiny felt scraps? Most of the pieces could be cut to make little flower petals, maybe. Or I’ve been thinking about making a fabric ACEO as a contrast to the regular paper ones that I make…perhaps a mosaic of some sort? Hmm.

Let me know if you have any ideas! 🙂