Cozy Cabin Crates


I’ve got a fun new project to announce! I’m participating in a handmade goodie subscription box with a group of other talented Etsians. They’re called “Cozy Cabin Crates”, and they’re filled with a variety of fun and useful handmade things. 🙂

The box for October has a halloween cat ornament from my shop PeachPod, a cool skull candle, a package of wax melts, and a bar of handmade soap from Cozy Custom Candles, a container of handmade salve from The Sacred Starseed, and a crocheted kitchen scrubbie from The Beanie Hut.


We’re planning to do a different goodie box each month, themed for each upcoming holiday. Should be fun! Check them out here.

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Fox redesign

I redesigned my fox pins! I’ve always liked my felt fox brooches, but I thought they looked a bit too catlike. With this redesign, I think they look a lot more foxy. 🙂 Foxes are so popular that it can be challenging to come up with a unique design, but I’m pleased with what I’ve made here.


What do you think? Here are some more pics.



For reference, here is what the original foxes look like. Cute, but basically just a cat…?



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Keychain spinner rack

Remember the old spice spinner rack I found at Goodwill last week? It’s now all fixed up!


First I sanded and restained the top, which had lost a huge patch of its original finish. Then I covered the sides with some thin plywood, nailing it over the bars that had holes intended for spice bottles. Some screw-in hooks on all four sides, and  this is an all new and refreshed display rack for my keychains!

I’ll be using it at the craft show this Saturday. I’ve been looking for some nice eye-catching vertical displays, instead of just having everything laid out flat on the table like I have been doing. Hopefully this will inspire shoppers to give it a spin!


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Bonanza of Belts!


I love finding forgotten vintage treasures and sending them off to their new homes! One of my favorite things are vintage belts, especially the 80s era stretch belts. The buckles are big and fancy, with an almost infinite variety of shapes and styles, and they’re always vibrantly colorful! And the elastic makes them able to fit a wide variety of sizes, so they have a lot of versatility too.

Here are a few of my favorites:








I can’t wait to see what cool belts I’ll find next! 🙂


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Felt flower brooch

A new and improved addition to my handmade Etsy shop: a rainbow of felt flower brooches!


These guys are made of wool blend felt, assembled and sewn entirely by hand.




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Handmade Roundup #11

It’s been a while, but here’s another edition of Handmade Roundup! 🙂

I love this cool forest dragon from MiraCrafts! This unique pendant is made out of polymer clay, and sculpted to look like a dragon made of wood and moss. The textures on the wood and plants are amazing! Very cool.


Awww, piggies! These cute clay canes from MiniatureSweet look like a litter of cute little piglets. Aren’t they adorable? These pigs would look cute on jewelry, nails, phone cases, or anything! The shop even gives the choice of a full cane, or pre-cut slices.


This vintage bento box from ggsdolls has such a great retro look! The girl illustration was drawn by Masako Wantanabe, who is known for his work in mid-century shoujo manga. This would be perfect for a little girl or a great addition to an anime memorabilia collection.


Say “thank you” with a rainbow! Apaperaffaire offers these colorful cards in a set of 5, in red, orange, yellow, green, and aqua, with a coordinating flower design. I love the simple beauty of these lovely cards.


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Handmade Roundup: July 7-13, 2014

Welcome to this week’s Handmade Roundup!


This is certainly a one of a kind piece of artwork! This mixed media art by WrensEyeDesigns features lots of toy cars, arranged in a rainbow radiating from one corner. The listing says that 300 cars were used! This would make a great piece of decor for a car lover, or a toy collector, or anyone who likes unique and unusual artwork. Very neat!


Check out this groovy (get it?) upcycled record by SecondSpinDesigns! It features a 33.3 rpm vinyl record cut into the shape of a 70s disco girl, complete with afro. They even offer a choice of several different artist’s records you can use. What a fun way to keep a vintage record out of the landfill, while making a distinctive piece of home decor.


It was hard to pick a favorite from Jmorco! The whole shop is filled with cool, sporty clothing in bright colors. Who wouldn’t feel awesome going to the gym in this cute Supergirl inspired sports bra? I love everything in this shop! And the kickass physique of the model (is that Jmorco herself?) definitely motivates me to hit the weights! 😉


CraftsbySigita is offering this lovely rainbow necklace. This necklace features discs of brightly colored shell, in pink, purple, yellow, green, blue, and brown, with coordinating seed  beads between. I love the bright, happy, pop-art vibe of this cool jewelry!


Last week’s Roundup: June 29-July 6, 2014

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Handmade Roundup, May 12-18, 2014

Time for this week’s Handmade Roundup! Here are some of the great shops I’ve found over the last week.


Inspirae Studio makes beautiful miniature handmade books and journals. She uses lots of earthy natural materials, like wood, leather and clay, to make books with a wonderful old-timey rustic look. These journals look like they should be on the desk of an old grizzled wizard, filled with magic spells; or in the backpack of an adveturous traveler, filled with ancient maps of the lands she hopes to explore. I love the beautiful colors and textures of these little books.


Pasiphilo is a shop with lots of cool tabletop gaming related items. My favorites are the cardstock gaming figurines; there are archers, lizardmen, orcs, skeletons, and more. All of the figures are original characters that are imaginatively designed and beautifully drawn. I think these colorful paper figures would be a great alternative to the usual resin figurines! He also has a variety of dice bags to carry your gaming dice. Neat shop!


I adore the art style of Mandy Budan, the owner of BudanArt! She creates lovely, detailed landscapes and nature scenes, but instead of being painted the usual way, her scenes are made with many tiny, intertwined colored shapes. The effect is like a painted mosaic, or a stained glass window. The artwork almost has a double effect; from a distance, the colors blend and look like shading, shadows, and highlights. Move up closer, and you can see the detail in the hundreds of meticulously painted curving shapes. The experience of viewing the art is different depending on your distance and perspective. I love it!

Favorite item of the week: this beautiful father’s day card from CardamomsArt. I love the rustic texture and the gorgeous rich browns.


Tune in next week for another Handmade Roundup! 🙂

Check out last week’s Roundup.


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