Thrifting finds 10-3-15

I found a few cool things while thrifting today!


The best find was a set of 2 original 1980s My Little Ponies. One of them is a white Earth pony with pink hair and a circular heart cutie mark, and the other is a white flocked pegasus with bright red hair and palm trees on her butt. I’ll have to hit up the collector sites to figure out their names and dates.

I love the finished cross stitch of the name KELLY, accented with cute Precious Moments style characters. I’ll get it cleaned up and nicely framed, and maybe it will make a cute Christmas gift for some little Kelly out there. πŸ™‚

The purse is a cute beaded clutch from the 60s-70s. It has a small stain on the back, but I’m pretty sure it will clean up just fine. The three hearts are 80s Syroco style plastic wall hangings. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll sell them vintage as-is, or repaint them in prettier colors (perhaps pink and white, or two shades of pink?).

I also found a little pack of glue sticks for 10 cents. I love finding crafting supplies for next to nothing!


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Thrifting Haul 6/6/2015

Another morning of yard sales has come and gone! Today I found some cool stuff, including a couple of things for my upcoming craft show.



The biggest item is the spice rack. It has a round base that lets it spin, with four columns of holes for spice bottles to go in. I’m going to clean it up and convert it into a rack for my handmade brooches and keychains. πŸ™‚


I love these vintage yellow smiley cups. They are made of that sturdy, heavy duty kind of plastic that you don’t find any more. These would be great for drinking your morning juice, since they give an uplifting pep talk to start the day!


A cool silver plated cup. It’s in bad need of polishing, but it should look great once it’s cleaned up. It has an awesome medieval look; I can just imagine a grizzled dwarven warrior guzzling mead from it at The Prancing Pony! πŸ˜€


A new wallet for me. I love this bright red leather heart wallet, and they only wanted a quarter for it. Win!


A set of transportation themed vintage peg puzzle pieces. I love making magnets out of these cool old pieces (like these animal ones). It’s fun to upcycle and give orphaned puzzles new life, and the vintage artwork makes them stand out from modern mass produced magnets.


A pair of unusual abstract vintage salt and pepper shakers. They’re black and square-ish and kind of odd, but for the right person they’ll be a great addition to the table (or maybe a salt and pepper set collection).


And another find for my craft show! This cute little fence tray obviously came from some sort of toy set, but I’m going to use it as a business card holder. I think it’ll be the cutest!

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Curb shopping: metal table


I found this neat metal table on the curb for trash pickup last night. It’s in good shape except for the paint job, so I’m going to de-rust and repaint it so that it looks nice and new.

Curb shopping is great! I’m always scanning the neighborhood for useful things that people have put out for the trash. Most of it is unusable, but every now and then I find something cool like this. It’s definitely a great way to find secondhand building supplies…people are often replacing fences or decks and getting rid of the old materials.

My favorite strategy is to look for anything useful while I’m walking the dog, then come back later in the car to pick it up.


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Thrifting Haul 5/23/15

What a great morning for thrifting! The weather was warm, skies were sunny, and yard sales were plentiful. πŸ™‚ We (my mother and I) hit about 10 yard sales, then swung by Goodwill as a chaser.

Here are the highlights of my haul:


I love vintage needlework, and today I found a bunch of them!


These are my faves; two yellow and orange flowers in deep round frames.


This soft blue yarn was a steal at 25 cents a skein! My mother plans to use this to crochet a baby blanket.


This vintage clown toy was at Goodwill. He is dated 1972. Needs some cleanup, but he has a great old timey look.


I got a whole bag of these, though I’m not sure what they are. Pill boxes, maybe? I love the 1970s colors.


I had to grab this cute old turtle. I think it’s a pincushion, though it feels odd…the puffy part feels like it’s filled with sand instead of stuffing. Google tells me that this is emery sand, which helps to sharpen the pins. Learn something new every day!


And last but not least, here’s Mr Crab. He’s made of metal, painted bright red, and has hinged arms. I don’t know what exactly this thing is supposed to do, but it’s cool! I’m keeping him. πŸ™‚


Overall this was a good morning! Most of these will be cleaned up, photographed, and put up in my vintage shop.

Anybody else love thrifting as much as I do? What have you found recently?


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Thrift shop find: blocks and bacon

I made a cool find at the thrift shop today: a bucket of old wooden toy blocks! There are several different types, including ones with old-timey Disney characters on them. I’ll have to do a little research, but judging by the graphics, I believe most of these blocks to be 1950s-60s era. Aren’t they neat?


I also found these, though I didn’t buy them…they’re bacon flavored envelopes. Glue + artificial meat flavor = yum! The label says they’re from the makers of Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, and BaconPOP. These are some (gross artificial) bacon-loving people!


You never know just what you’ll find in a thrift shop!


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New creation: upcycled ceramic duck

Remember the “saturday project” I posted about, that involved spray paint? Well, here’s what I was doing. πŸ˜€


I’ve been getting cute ceramic figurines and pottery at local thrift stores, with the plan to upcycle them. This little duck was dingy and sad, dirty with peeling paint, sitting there unloved on the shelf. I took him home, scrubbed him clean, gave him multiple coats of fresh white paint, and then decorated him by hand in my own style!

Instead the original boring, dingy yellow beak and feet, he gets bright cheery pink. The bow, which was once a dull blue and chipping away, is now a brilliant dark pink. I’ve always loved the look of beach stones painted with hundreds of dots, and I also love ombre, so I adapted both of those to my own style. Lots of dark red spots on the back and wings, fading to lighter pink near the head and belly. Once that was done (it took a good while to make all of those dots!), I coated the figure with clear glaze for protection.

I’m VERY happy with the result! A boring, dingy ole figurine is now a fresh new home decor item. And this little guy was my guinea pig…since he turned out wonderfully, I plan to make a bunch of repurposed ceramics, in all kinds of fun colors. I have another, larger duck, a bunny, several small vases, and a few lidded pots that will get the ombre dot treatment. All of them will go in my Etsy shop. My only regret is not taking “before” and “after” photos, so you could see how drastic the change was.

I can’t wait to start dotting everything! πŸ™‚